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Q & A's

Q – What does Job Training Center offer?

A – Whether you are unsure of your next steps, ready to dive into job search or exploring going back to school, we have resources to assist you.  The Center is your resource. We only ask that you provide us with your right to work documentation on your first visit and, if you’re job searching, let us know when you get a job.  The Job Training Center provides a job board with over 100 local job openings, printing, faxing, resume paper, computer usage, job search and career direction workshops, resume writing assistance, and professional staff ready to assist you.

Q – What jobs are in demand in our area?

A – Tehama County has a wide range of industries. However, the majority of the high-growth, high-demand occupations are in four industry sectors: Manufacturing; Health Science and Medical Technology; Agriculture and Natural Resources; and Hospitality Tourism and Recreation. Each of these industry sectors includes jobs that require varying levels of education, experience and knowledge. Although our recommendations are data driven, they do not take into consideration your personal background, work history, interests, etc. This information is intended as a first step in deciding the exact fit for you.

Q – Do you have a list of trainings that you send clients to?

A – Deciding upon a training program that will adequately prepare you for your next career is a personal decision. It requires you to look at what jobs are in demand; where you plan on working; your skills, abilities, education and work history; deciding how long you are financially able to be in a training program, and lastly; what training providers can prepare you for your career goal. We do not recommend deciding on a career based solely on what programs are locally available. With that, the schools we commonly use are Shasta College, Northwest Lineman College, Shasta College Economic & Workforce Development, Butte College, Chico State and College of the Siskiyous. We have also assisted individuals through various online programs, programs outside our region and outside the state. We suggest you decide what career you want to begin building, and THEN explore what programs are available.

Q – Is it possible to go to school and collect Unemployment Insurance (UI) at the same time?

A – Yes. It is  possible for individuals currently receiving Unemployment Insurance Benefits to attend school. This program is called California Training Benefits (CTB). Job Training Center staff will review your plan and submit a request to EDD on your behalf. Once reviewed, EDD will notify you of the results. For your plan to be approved, the program you plan on attending must meet the following four criteria:

  • 1. Must result in a certificate or a degree.
  • 2. Must be occupationally focused (meaning after completing the program you are adequately prepared to enter a specific occupation).
  • 3. Must demonstrate a positive labor market (meaning there are jobs in this occupation).
  • 4. Must be short-term (EDD defines short-term as less than one year).

If you have decided exactly what program you plan on attending and believe that it meets the above criteria, email Career Development Consultant Connie Ocampo to begin the paperwork. Email:

Note: You must receive prior pre-approval from EDD if you wish to be approved for California Training Benefits. Contact EDD by phone or online.

Q – I’m 55+ years of age, unemployed with little or no income and in urgent need of a job. What services do you have available?

A – The Job Training Center is partners with Experience Works, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping individuals in your situation. You may qualify for the Experience Works Senior Community Service Employment Program and be eligible to update your job skills while earning a wage and contributing to your community. For more information or to see if you qualify, visit Experience Works or call +1 (866) 976-5939.

Q – What services do you have available for veterans?

A – In addition to giving veterans preference for educational scholarships, we also have an EDD Veteran Representative available for you to meet with and discuss veteran specific programs, opportunities as well as your employment and education needs. For more information call  (530) 225-2194.

Q – I have an issue with my unemployment insurance. Can you help?

A – Yes, but limited assistance. Although Job Training Center is a partner of EDD, we are limited in answering specific claim questions. However, the Job Training Center does have computers and telephones available for you to contact EDD with regards to your issues and concerns. Visit EDD or call +1 (800) 300-5616.