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Job Search

Optimum job search involves engaging in a variety of activities to help position you for the job you want. Serious job search feels like a full time job, and there are many things you can do daily to keep the search alive and prosperous. The following are some key activities to consider for an effective job search strategy.

  • Complete applications in ink, with easy to read writing and good information.
  • Develop a resume you can be proud of. The Job Training Center has examples, helpful guides and computer programs to help.
  • Use all of your resources to learn about job openings: newspaper classifieds, online job boards, staffing agencies, friends, job fairs, etc.
  • Visit the Career Center. The Job Training Center is a career center for your use. From local job postings that change daily, to high speed Internet access and knowledgeable staff, the center is your job search place.
  • Enlist your network. Your network includes past co-workers, acquaitances, neighbors, and other people’s networks. Access them to learn about job openings.
  • Stay positive and proactive.
  • Take a class to learn new skills.
  • Practice interviewing and talking about yourself to others.