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RBUESD Custodian SUB 8.25.20

Under general supervision, to perform the work of maintaining assigned buildings or areas in a clean, sanitary, and safe condition at a school, and to perform other duties directly related to this job description.



 Performs custodial duties in an assigned group of school classrooms and building areas.
 Maintains confidentiality.
 Sweeps, mops, waxes, strips, scrubs and vacuums floors.
 Dusts, washes, polishes and sanitizes furniture and woodwork.
 Polishes metalwork.
 Empties and cleans waste receptacles.
 Washes windows and walls.
 Cleans rest rooms and restroom fixtures.
 Cleans fountains.
 Operates power cleaning equipment.
 Assists with emergency cleanup as necessary.
 Moves and arranges furniture and equipment.
 Replaces light bulbs and may make minor non-technical repairs.
 Turns out lights and locks doors and windows.
 Performs a security check at end of work shift.
 Reports the need for repairs.
 Remains alert to potential vandalism.
 May need to respond to alarm notification.
 Checks email daily.
 Submits maintenance work orders electronically.
 Provides access to, and insures proper care of, facilities for participants in the Civic Center Act.
 Helps to set up and tear down for school assemblies, performances, fund raising events and other school activities as needed.
 Waters, trims, and mows scheduled lawn areas and completes minor yard work in accordance to Site Parameter Map (attached).
 May travel between school sites.
 Participates in inside and outside painting during summer months.
 Assists in familiarizing environmental workers or extra summer workers with work site responsibilities.




 Ability to see and read, with or without vision aids; ability to hear and understand speech at normal levels; ability
to communicate so others will clearly understand normal conversation.
 Ability to learn and maintain schedules providing for regular cleaning of assigned areas.
 Ability to operate various electrical cleaning equipment.
 Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
 Ability to work independently and without close supervision.




 Physical demands include lifting up to 50 pounds, standing and walking for extended periods, bending at the waist, pushing, pulling, carrying, twisting/turning, climbing ladders, see to assure proper and complete cleaning, and dexterity of hands and fingers to operate power cleaning equipment.
 Light to moderate stress level.




 Work environment both indoors and outdoors, subject to evening or variable hours.
 Temperature – usually normal climate, occasional adverse weather and conditions.
 Chemical exposure – solvents, cleaning compounds, polish fumes, paint, lacquer and varnish.




 Tools/equipment/work aids – gloves, goggles, hearing and face protectors, as necessary.
 All body fluids shall be handled as if infectious. Disposable waterproof gloves are to be worn. After each use, gloves are disposed of in a lined waste container.




 Daily contact with students and district staff.
 Occasional contacts with parents, community members and outside agency personnel.




 High school diploma or equivalent.
 First Aid and CPR certification desirable.
 Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) training as required by law; to be provided by district



Dexterity and physical condition to maintain a rigorous work schedule and meet standards of physical and mental health.

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.

Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position.



Those interested please submit a letter of interest, resume and classified application to Rachel Bentley, HR Coordinator at the RBUESD District Office, 1755 Airport Blvd., Red Bluff. We would like to encourage you to include additional job skills and information that address your qualifications for this position. Please be sure to include your contact information. An interview shall be held with all DISTRICT employees who apply and meet the minimum requirements for the position.