Job Training Center

Lay-Off and Closer Assistance

If your business is facing lay-offs or closure, our staff can help your employees with their next steps. The earlier we are able to connect with employees, the better chance we have of helping them transition to their next job. Once we’re notified, we schedule a meeting with staff to share training and re-employment information as well as unemployment insurance directions. Your employees have a personal contact to work with, offering encouragement, job search assistance and often training opportunities. Laying staff off is one of the most difficult tasks a manager faces. The Job Training Center can partner with you to help your employees.

Layoffs and closures are hard on both the employee and the employer. Help ease the transition by accessing our services. We are experienced in working with companies going through this stressful time. There is a lot we can do to help your employees.

To learn more about layoff and closure assistance, please contact the Job Training Center at (530) 529-7000. We are here to help.