Job Training Center

Hiring Assistance

Hiring the right staff has great benefits to your business. Unfortunately, the process can be both time consuming and expensive. The Job Training Center can partner with you. Our services can include the following:

1. Through a conversation, understand the position and what you are looking for.
2. Create the job description and announcement to best attract qualified applicants.
3. Screen applicants based on your requirments, screen candidates and make referrals.
4. Set up interviews and schedule interview rooms.
5. Create questions and sit in on the interviews with you, if you prefer.
6. Schedule and administer pre-employment assessments to gauge skills and attitudes.
7. Help develop a training plan for your new employee.
8. Identify training opportunities for staff to continue to grow.

When you’re ready to hire, give us a call. We’ll help take the frustration out of the process and make finding the right employee the goal. There is no charge for our hiring services.

Call +1 (530) 529-7000 today.

Hiring Materials & Links:

Sample interview questions (behavior based)

Questions you can and cannot ask in an interview