Tehama County Job Training Center

Welcome to the the Job Training Center, a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide unlimited employment opportunities to job seekers and hiring, training and human resource assistance to local businesses. The Job Training Center is part of a nation-wide system that provides job search and career development services through a trained staff and a welcoming career center open to the public.

We are your resource for learning about local and regional job opportunities; training and education programs;  job search tools and resources. You have a complete career center at your disposal five days a week, so you don’t have to job search alone! At our Career Center, you’ll enjoy a caring staff, high speed Internet, computers, resume templates, fax machines, printers, local and regional job postings, special events and more.

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Attention Businesses: Before You Hire!

Learn about OJT’s

An OJT, or On-The-Job Training, is a partnership between your business and the Job Training Center to get qualified candidates trained and working, and lower your hiring and training costs. This year the Job Training Center has increased the number of OJT’s available, and our staff is excited to connect you with the right candidate! Positions must be permanent; require some level of training, and pay a minimum of $10 per hour.

What types of candidates are there?

The current job market is rich in strong candidates who are qualified, professional and just need some hands on experience. You can refer a client that may have already applied, or we can recruit a candidate for you.

  • You receive free screening, assessment and referrals.
  • You interview and make the hiring decision and determine the job
    performance standards.

To learn more about OJT’s and their benefits to your business, please contact:

Carrie Ferchaud
Manager, Talent and Development
Job Training Center
530.529.7000, ext. 117



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